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�Mrs. Veltmann began working closely with me to develop a strategy to improve the total performance of our Mexico business. She was responsible for upgrading the level of talent in our administrative group in Mexico. She installed the necessary administrative/financial procedures and processes within our Mexico business, enabling a more effective ability to manage our business. She participated in selecting local counsel to represent our company in legal matters. She participated in negotiating and facilitating a more effective banking system to provide a transparent flow of local and U.S. currencies between Mexico and the U.S.A. She worked closely with all the business disciplines to improve communications, share lessons learned, and assure complete compliance with all rules and regulations including compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) 404 and the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. She also accompanied me to negotiate, translate and discuss performance with our customer in Mexico.

She became an extremely valuable asset to our company, our Mexican business, to me, and to my ability to manage our business in Mexico. I found Mrs. Veltmann to be intelligent, energetic and loyal. She has a warm personality, which makes her a good team player. She is a person of high integrity and has a passion for the details required by her profession.�

� CEO, U.S. land drilling company

�I have worked with Ale Veltmann on several projects over the last few years and have never failed to be impressed by her grasp of cross-border issues and her ability to anticipate and resolve problems on a proactive basis. In particular, Ale crosses back and forth effortlessly between Spanish and English, taking into account the differing accounting principles between the U.S. and foreign countries as well as ways of doing business and the general business cultures. She is not only the consummate professional, but a pleasure to do business with on a personal level.�

� Partner, international accounting firm

�I have worked with Ale Veltmann on projects ranging from establishing SOX protocols to establishing and implementing business requirements in Mexico. Her work was always timely and accurate. Additionally, she is determined and deliberate in providing a solution.�

� Senior VP of Human Resources, U.S. publicly traded drilling company

�The services I have received from Ale Veltmann have always been very professional and efficient, having my company's best interest in mind. Thanks to Ale�s professionalism and effectiveness, we obtained a line of credit with Chase. Her best attributes are her professionalism and communication style: direct, objective and honest.�

� CEO, tile and stone distribution company



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