“Mrs. Veltmann began working closely with me to develop a strategy to improve the total performance of our Mexico business. She was responsible for upgrading the level of talent in our administrative group in Mexico.

She installed the necessary administrative/financial procedures and processes within our Mexico business, enabling a more effective ability to manage our business.



Our Services
Our services are always tailored to your unique
needs and may include:

IFC Solutions provides a bilingual trusted professional who understands U.S. culture, U.S. laws, U.S. accounting principles and SEC requirements. Our services are always tailored to your unique needs and may include:

‹ Complete design of financial and accounting infrastructure for Mexico operations
U.S. entities that operate traditionally with sound financial and accounting processes are often faced, for the first time, with the need to provide administrative support to international operations. Challenge number one: Spanish is the official language. IFC Solutions will assess the needs of the corporate office and assist in modifying processes that will meet both the local requirements and those of the U.S. entity. Successful implementation requires qualified personnel at the local level and involvement of all disciplines. IFC Solutions assists with the selection of a local controller and/or accounting personnel. In addition, IFC Solutions ensures coordination among all the departments involved in the international administrative support: human resources, tax compliance, Sarbanes-Oxley compliance, legal, finance and operations.
‹ Setup of financial policies and procedures including Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Compliance 
IFC Solutions assists companies with the review of translations of U.S. policies and procedures and tailors them to local requirements. IFC Solutions also assists with the training of local personnel who will implement the new procedures.  IFC Solutions uses the “top down” approach to SOX compliance to assist clients in setting up key controls that not only meet the U.S. requirements, but that also focus on the enterprise risks that are unique to operations in Mexico such as FCPA, tax and cash management.
‹ Improvement or start-up design of international consolidations, including U.S. GAAP or International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) to local statutory and local GAAP analysis
IFC Solutions assists companies with the setup and design of international consolidations, taking into consideration functional currencies, transaction and translation issues with foreign currencies, reporting requirements for management, statutory purposes, and various GAAP requirements. IFC Solutions works with information-technology personnel to ensure accounting requirements are met by the design of the enterprise-resource planning (ERP) system used by the client.
‹ Translation of Financial Statements from Spanish to English and English to Spanish
IFC Solutions has expert translators in accounting, tax and financial statements.  Important financial documents are translated so that banks and other U.S. service providers may read, with accuracy, original documents in Spanish.  We perform full translations or expert review of lower quality translators.  Documents may include SEC reports, such as 10-K, 10-Q, 20-F, tax returns, full financial statements with footnotes, convenience translations for currency presentation, and other accounting policies and procedures.
‹ Assistance with banking and financing
IFC Solutions has trusted relationships with financial institutions in Mexico that meet FCPA requirements.
‹ Coordination and sourcing of other high value added–international service providers in the areas of: international tax planning, transfer pricing, legal requirements, human resources and technology
IFC Solutions has trusted relationships with other high-quality international professionals both in the U.S.A. and Mexico. IFC Solutions interacts with management and the service provider to ensure that there is clear communication and that the services are accurate and timely.



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